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Bison Herd Locations



Bison or buffalo herds of the bison bison family are growing after a near extinction period in the late 1880s. In North America they have re-gained tremendous numbers in public parks and reserves, on larger tracts of ranches and indigenous lands and on hundreds of large and small farms across the continent. A European relative commonly know as the wisent is making a come back in protected herds in Eastern Europe and the prospects for greater numbers there are also quite positive. Argueably then, there are three varieties of bison: Plains, Woods and the wisent. A great deal of discussion about the genetic purety of these varieties is common place in the literature but beyond the scope of our pages.

Buffalo are often part of a mixed ecological system which include other grazers and browsers (called ruminants) but are commonly seen as hardy replacements for conventional beef operations as well. We'll organize these pages on the basis of "protected" public herds in government operated parks and reserves, those on indigenous lands, and ranches and farms for primarily commercial purposes. As there are hundreds of farms and ranches alone we'll  provide just a sampling of the possible listings. Our focus will concentrate on Canadian herds. If however, you want to be added to our list - please contact us providing your details.

From their website:

"For Pierre Bélanger, our founder and owner, the adventure started in 1972, with a novel idea for the time: why not turn rugged Ontario farmland into a bison farm? Buying the first few bison was relatively easy compared to all that needed to be accomplished over the next several decades. Today’s strong and healthy herd of 300 animals is a testament to Pierre’s vision and business acumen. We're proud to say that we are among the oldest in Canada, and the largest in Eastern Canada. And we’re just getting started!."

Healy Falls Bison - From their website:

"Naturally raised grass fed bison farmed in Campbellford, Ontario. We are a family farm interested in quality not quantity. It may take longer to raise a grass fed bison but the quality speaks for itself on your plate.

All of our bison is government inspected for retail sales. Vacuum sealed and frozen to ensure the highest quality."

From their website:

"Driven by our passion for providing healthy food and a quality lifestyle to our children and ourselves, we settled at our current farm located halfway between Perth and Carleton Place, Ontario, Canada (along the Trans-Canada Highway). We started our operation with a small herd of bison, and each year we expand as more and more people are introduced to the great taste and nutritional benefits of Canadian bison."

Blanbrook Bisons Farm

Where the bison roam

From their website:

 " Blanbrook Bison Farm was established in 1992. Both Bruce and Shirley were raised on dairy farms and wanted to raise alternative livestock on their 100 acre farm with their two children. After researching, visiting other bison farms and meeting people involved in the bison industry they purchased 13 bison from Sault Ste. Marie in May of 1992. The herd has since grown to over 100 bison. Farming can be challenging at times but is a very rewarding experience. We enjoy meeting customers and providing them with a quality, local and healthy product."

Thunder Ridge Bison Co. website

Join the Arnold Family in a quick introduction to their farm and the Thunder Ridge Bison Company, in Uxbridge, Ontario. Our farm in the Oak Ridges Moraine of Ontario is perfectly suited to Bison farming, allowing them to graze and breed naturally and sustainably.


From their website: "Owned and operated by Trevor, Jodie Gompf and family of Oak Lake, Manitoba, Canada.

Bison Spirit Ranch has earned numerous top awards at various show and competitions throughout North America. We are extremely proud to be top competitors, leaders and mentors in the industry. Since its inception in 1997, Bison Spirit Ranch has focused on QUALITY. Quality animals mean quality product.

Bison Spirit Ranch has approximately 400 head of Bison that roam on 1200 acres of land situated North of the Assiniboine Valley. We take pride in raising animals free of additional growth hormones or antibiotics. 

Due to the increasing demand and requests for their ranch raised meat we are proud to extend that quality to consumers in offering high quality meat products. 

If you are ever in the area feel free to stop by the ranch for a tour."

Parks Canada - Banff National Park. From their website: "Wild bison return to Canada’s first national park

Parks Canada is pleased to announce that bison now roam free in Banff National Park. After an absence of over a century, the return of wild plains bison is a historic, ecological and cultural triumph.

On July 29, 2018, we released 31 bison from the soft-release pasture in Panther Valley, and they now roam a 1200 sq km reintroduction zone. They are fulfilling their role in the ecosystem as “keystone species” by creating a vibrant mosaic of habitats that benefits bugs to birds to bears, and hundreds of other species.