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Sold as pre-owned, un-used, in EUC. Written by the world’s leading sustainable builders, designers, and engineers, these succinct, user-friendly handbooks are indispensable tools for any project where accurate and reliable information are key to success. Soft cover, ships from Canada.



A comprehensive, in-depth guide to building simple green roofs for houses and small buildings. Packed with detailed photos, illustrations, case studies, and code compliance advice, it offers clear step-by-step instructions necessary to create your own living roof.

Essential Green Roof Construction

JUST RELEASED by Leslie Doyle $ 39.99

Covers design, building science, tools, and step-by-step building methods for building with rammed earth - and, gravel, and clay or lime/cement binder packed into forms - in any climate with an emphasis on cold climates.

Essential Rammed Earth Construction

by Tim Krahn $39.99

Covers complete home-scale rainwater harvesting system design including goal setting, system planning, site assessment, calculations, and material selection and sizing for all climates.

Essential Rainwater Harvesting

by Rob Avis and Michelle Avis $39.99

Essential Composting Toilets is a streamlined, illustrated manual that takes a practical approach to system selection criteria, design, installation, and operation, while meeting universal health and safety objectives.

Essential Composting Toilets

by Gord Baird and Ann Baird $39.99

Essential Natural Plasters is the most comprehensive guide to making and using natural plasters for all types of buildings. It covers clay, lime, and gypsum plasters; waterproof tadelakt plaster; fibers and additives; interior and exterior use; substrate preparation; mixing, testing, and tinting; and practical application tips.

Essential Natural Plasters

by Michael Henry and Tina Therrien $39.99

Essential Earthbag Construction is an illustrated guide to building with earth-filled polypropylene bags, a low-impact, highly durable method of construction. It includes material specifications, installation, design guidance, foundations, wall plastering, basic utilities, seismic reinforcement, maintenance, and the variety of uses.

Essential Earthbag Construction

by Kelly Hart $39.99

Cordwood building – log-ends set in insulated mortar – is an economical, low-impact building method. Essential Cordwood Building is the first fully illustrated, step-by-step guide for design, material specification, construction, detailing, maintenance, and code compliance of cordwood. For both the DIYer and professional builder.

Cordwood Building

by Rob Roy $39.99

Light straw clay is a code compliant high-performance, low-impact building material with insulation and moisture handling qualities. This illustrated guide to light straw clay for stud, timber, pole and other framing styles covers material specifications, best use, mixing, installation, retrofits, code compliance, finishing and maintenance.

Light Straw Clay Construction

by Lydia Doleman $39.99

Essential Sustainable Home Design walks homebuilders through designing an environmentally friendly home. Covering what makes a building green, a criteria matrix to guide design, material, and systems decisions, working with code officials, and choosing sustainable materials to keep the project goals on track from start to finish.

Essential Sustainable Home Design

by Chris Magwood $39.99

Poor heat and moisture detailing are enemies of durability, comfort and efficiency in house design. Essential Building Science provides a visual, accessible introduction to the fundamentals of building physics and the skills to develop thermal and moisture strategies for creating better new buildings and improving old ones.

Essential Building Science

by Jacob Deva Racusin $39.99

Essential Prefab Straw Bale Construction is an illustrated guide to pre-manufactured bale walls. This manual covers the properties, applications, specifications, code-compliance and climate data, with step-by-step instructions and budgeting information for this development in sustainable building.

Essential Prefab Straw Bale Construction

by Chris Magwood $34.95

Essential Hempcrete Construction is an illustrated guide to this affordable, renewable method, from procurement to finish. This indispensable manual covers material properties, applications, specifications, code-compliance and climate data, rounded out by step-by-step instructions and budgeting information.

Essential Hempcrete Construction

by Chris Magwood $34.95

Building Your Permaculture Property combines an engineer and a farmer's professional and practical experience in ecological consulting and regenerative agriculture to lead you - the land steward - through a clear five-step process to design and develop a resilient and abundant property anywhere in the world.

Building Your Permaculture Property

by Rob Avis, Takota Coen and Michelle Avis, foreword by Geoff Lawton $49.99

The only complete guide to designing, building, and operating high-performance, earth-sheltered, solar-heated, intelligently glazed, and insulated passive greenhouses, allowing you to grow a variety of vegetables year-round—even in cold climates—in soil or aquaponics grow beds.

The Chinese Greenhouse

by Dan Chiras $34.99

As local organic agriculture continues to flourish, a cohort of young professional growers are leading the way with innovative ideas about farming. The Market Gardener provides hands-on information about growing for CSA and farmers markets. Based on low-tech, high-yield methods of production, this is a modern, micro-scale farming handbook.

The Market Gardener

by Jean-Martin Fortier $24.95

Farming is taking root in our cities. With only a small capital investment, and without the need to own land, you can become part of this growing movement. The Urban Farmer will help you learn the crops, techniques and business strategies you need to make a good living growing food intensively right in your own backyard.

The Urban Farmer

by Curtis Stone $29.95

In the face of drought and desertification, well-designed water harvesting earthworks such as swales, ponds, and dams are the most effective way to channel water into productive use. The result can be increased food production, higher groundwater levels, reduced irrigation needs, and enhanced ecosystem resilience.

The Permaculture Earthworks Handbook

by Douglas Barnes $32.99