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We are committed to an abundance permaculture plan and strategy at MiKu Valley. Looking forward to the coming seasons and the middle to long term future we are inviting "entrepreneurial partnerships" in all areas within our growth strategy framework. We anticipate relationships will develop into (at least) formal MOUs (memorandums of understanding).  We are open to participation and proposals in the elements and areas listed below but want to hear your ideas about what projects you are willing to champion with our support.  Projects can be short, medium or long term as required. Please read more below.

Food Production (household and market gardens), are at the heart of our resiliency and our committments to our neighbours and local communities. We'd like to reach 80-90 % homegrown food security. Within in that of course is the capacity to process and store our harvest and products and achieve a two year reserve to insure we not only survive but are able to thrive - and contribute significantly to our neighbours' ability as well.

Horticulture and Food Forest Production. Including foraging and gleaning.




Kitchen Culinary Developement and Production, we'd love to grow to a commercial kitchen scale and be able to create and add value to everything grown here locally. Marketing, distribution, logistics are all elements that come to mind.

Farm Gate, CSA and Farmer's Market/ing Developement, direct sales and associated relationships offer tremendous opportunity. Individuals, families and trade relationships are key. We are in the heart of a thriving tourist area with numerous visitors, restaurant and accomodations facilites. They want good food. How do we fulfill that need together?

Tree and Plant Nursery Developement.




Arts, Crafts, Music and Creative skills.




Social, Service, Management and Administration skills.




Water and Energy infrastructure and management skills.




Other entrepreneurial strategies like onsite guests/visitors and tours, bee keeping, small furniture/crafts (to name just a few) would be welcome and favourably received as well. Our world is a complex place yet simple solutions are the key to change. We really have very few pre-conceived ideas about what can be achieved here at MiKu Valley and within our communitiy and region. We have no crystal ball or limit to the strategies we might support.   What's YOUR idea and plan? Contact us to start the conversation.




Watch Joel's video, (note: the concepts and not the terms he uses is more important) after check out our web links: contact us for any additional information you may need and determine if you can create a future for yourself within these business opportunities with us here at MiKu Valley. and Please, share these opportunities in your networks to anyone you think maybe ready to create their own future.


here's Joel Salatin's video link on Youtube:


[ the description from youtube]: "Using Polyface farm as an example, Salatin offers templates for structuring symbiotic partnership fiefdoms for multi-generational farm success. Rather than building a business around employees, Polyace germinates entrepreneurial stand-alone fiefdoms. Former interns and apprentices develop their own production and compensation requirements under the Polyface umbrella, enabling young farmers to be fully employed from day one without capitalization. As a model for creating scalable and viable localized food security clusters, farm partnership offer community, efficiency, and low cost entry."